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I m married , having two kids 11 and 7 years, last year abortion bhi hua hai , my problem is periods two or three months baad aaty hain , last months three months k baad huy or 15 days tk huy , please help me , I think is waja se pregnancy bhi nhn ho rahi , please guide me


It seems that you may have some hormonal imbalance. Please get your blood tests done for hormones, I would suggest serum Fsh, Lh, prolactin and Tsh on the 2nd day of your cycle. Also get ultrasound of pelvis done .


You need proper evaluation from gyneacologist..ultrasound and blood test to rule out disease and to treat...first periods regular karneye then for pregnancy medication will be given

Dr. Shysta Shaukat - Gynecologist

MBBS, FCPS (Gyn & Obs) | Lahore

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for having irregular periods n infertility plz consult a gynec in person
for ur thorough history n examination
treatment will b initiated after reports of relevant tests
at the age of 35 yrs ..dnt delay seeking help for getting pregnant

Dr. Shaheena Asif - Gynecologist

MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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Get your harmonal profile done and see your doctor
Lh fsh
S prolactin
S insulin fasting
Pelvic u sound scan

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