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Assalamualikum Dr i need to ask very personal question which I cannot ask on page marham, Dr i had a c sec 8 months ago, my problem is i am having very low sex drive after my c sec , I mean a physical relation with my husband, I am on low mood after my c sec , we hardly had relation once in a month and this is really affecting my life, my husband is upset due to my low mood, I am also worried what can I do? How can I get better? Kindly help me , this Is ruining my married life , last days i was feeling my self a little depress or in stress , kindly help me please


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Aoa ,
The drive is reduced? Or r u having pain while having intercourse? Any
vaginal discharge or itching? Do u hav any mood swings? Or depression? Any
medicines that u r taking? Lubrication problems? Arousal problems? Plz
answer all these questions before I recommend anything to u ..


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Yes the drive is reduced after c sec, I m bf mother.I don't feel any pain while i.c, neither taking any pills or medicine except vitamin D and fefol vit , alots of mood swing, fatigue, body pain, actually I am worried for not getting in proper mood for sex which makes me a a bit stressed , lubrication is fine, no dryness, a little bit vaginal dc, no itching, having a severe spinal pain which is making everything worst even.

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Rukhsana are u breast feeding???


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Any type of postnatal depression can cause lack of interest.It needs to be
helped by visiting a psychiatritis,as he will be the one to orescribe


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Dear, low sex drive is a common phenomenon after childbirth and in
breastfeeding will take some time for u to cope with the
situation.there is no such medicin that can help u fix it..u need ur
husbands support n cooperation.try to solve any issues if u two are having
.spend more time with one another, watch movies together ,spend time out or
any other way u like.its all about will take some time to
resolve.try to change sex position or foreplay/afterplay .increase time of
foreplay or as u feel good.keep him involved n discuss ur problems.its a
kind of issue that only u two can solve together.


you need need psychiatric n psycologist consultation. so seek their advice immediately.