hello, i got married a month ago, i am facing every symptom of pregnancy, even my periods were delayed for 5 days, so we went for pregnancy test but it showed up as negative, and today my periods started, so i want to know that what can be the reason for all those symptoms, can this be the possibility that the test report will be wrong.


you got married for 1 month.dont get panic due to diet n anxiety n marriage itself a big change of your life so all these issues can result in hormonal disturbance that can cause prolonged interval of period.cycle of 21to 45 days even its normal .so dont b relax n enjoy your marital life.


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Thanks for your kind reply maam, but i was just wondering that can it be pregnancy? because i am facing every symptom of it, from delayed period to, sore breasts as well as frequent urination with dizziness, vertigo, headache and fatigue.

1 year ago



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Thanks fr yr email.
Its probably no big problem. Just periods delay due to change of life
style.but if it happens again..u need further any case u r
welcome to visit my clinic.
Just one month. So enjoy dear.
Best wishes.
Dr Misbah Malik


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thanks for your kind reply maam, but i was wandering that can it be the preganancy because besides delayed period i am also facing every symptom of it, such as VERY frequent urination, sore breats, dizziness and vertigo.

1 year ago

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