There's some visa problem so can't go to the doctor here in saudia next month Pakistan jaoon gi then doctor ko check karwaoon gi. 5th month start ho gaya hai. Weight 53 bilkul bhii gain nahin hua. Everytime i eat something i feel like vomiting especially in the morning i always vomit whatsoever i eat. Kuch bhii khane ka dil najin karta especially milk. Kuch kha loon to pait mein dard hoti rehti. Any supplements of vitamins or milk?


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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I think you should be careful about your diet.
Take non spicy light diet.
Take Tab Zantac 150mg twice daily for 7 days
Tab Envepe 2 tablets at nigjt for one month and then let me know


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Get ur thesetests done namely CBC, ALT andCreatinine. Better take Cap. Ruling 20mg morning and evening and let me know later.