Pregnancy 4th Month Bleeg


Dear docs My wife is 4th month pregnant and this is our 3rd baby. We went to murree and she walked there eventually bleeding starts and had annultrasound where subchorionic haemorhige diognosed. Placentra is very low. Baby is alright and has hear beat. Now she took transamine capsule to stop bleeding and it worked. Now what are the chances of miscarriage and can placentra go up? What are the remedies. Plz help


By this time placenta supposed to be low and that is normal site of implantation it will ascend with advancing gestation...regarding subchorionic hematoma it will resolve with time but if patient experiences pain again this will be danger sign
Better she takes rest for a period of time avoid heavy weight lifting ...stairs etc...
But there are bright chances of this pregnancy to continue

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