Severe Lower Back Pain In Pregnancy.

Hello doc. This is my second pregnancy.I have a 22 months old toddler. During my first pregnancy in second trimester severe backache developed and went away after delivery. Now I am In my first trimester and suffering the same pain for about a week now. Pain exactly is not in the back but in the bones in the hips. Pain aise hai jaise kamar main lock lag jata ho n then I cannot move or walk or even lay straight at all. I become immobilize for some time until the pain settles. Please guide. I am In a lot of pain and it gets really difficult with a toddler to look after.


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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The problem you are sharing quite common in pregnancy. This is due to the fact that enlarging uterus tries to make some place for it. Second is te calcium deficiency.
Yoir doctor will be starting you with calcium supplements after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Try Tab panadol for pain and get your urine tested as well