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Hi doctors, I am asking this for my wife We had an IUI on 1st of December and wife got pregnent in first attempt. After slowly reaching to 5th week, we remained at 5weeks & 1day till 4 weeks and now again after 1 week today, when we visited doctor for ultrasound, we got to know that now Fetal Pole is seen but FCA is still missing. So with in a week after 4 weeks the growth suddenely started? what does it mean? Dr. said that miscarriage will happen automatically in few weeks. If it didn't we will have to go for DNC. I want to ask that is there any possibility or a chance that the pregnancy will grow? Because we saw sudden growth? Thank yoh

Dr. Maria Imran - Gynecologist

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Ur query is pretty confusing .. but the best to my understanding u wait for another week and repeat the scan of the FCA is still absent then it’s most like a missed abortion and u will probably hav to get a D & C


In Such cases Transvaginal Ultra sound is important . If in one scan we see fetal pole of CRL 7mm or More and no Fetal cardiac activity we declare it missed abortion
Otherwise If fetal pole is Smaller than 7mm and no cardiac activity is seen in first TVS and we repeat it after one week, if again no fetal cardiac activity seen it is missed abortion
just compare results with above measurements . In more than 90% case D&C is usually not required either we waite for spontaneous abortion or Drug like misprostal is given
For your case chances of next pregnancy are also good if this fails


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Thank you for your response doctor.

We are facing miscarriage 2nd time. 1st one was in 4th month when suddenly water bag leaked and we didn't take it seriously and got to know about baby's death a month later in an ultrasound.

This one was started after we went for an IUI and then growth started very slow (we reached to 5th week when according to me it should be somewhere and 6weeks and few days). Doctor called us for U/s 2 times on 2 weeks difference but we remained on 5th week. We went for an U/s again yesterday and this time it showed 6weeks 2 days but no FCA. The size was 14mm yesterday and it was 1.3cm before (which is almost same I believe)

Can you please tell me what could be the possible reasons of the miscarriages?

2 years ago

Dr. Shaheena Asif - Gynecologist

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Scan can miss findings some times at early stages
So must be repeated

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