Trying To Conceive


I m 26 and married for 5 month and trying to conceive. I know 5 month is not a long time but main problem which make me to worry is that i dont discharge during intercourse niether I arouse or desire for s* .. At the time i feel pain. I dont knew what should i do. Should i go for checkup or Test. What test should i have.. Plss help, i m really worried. I dont know how to discuss this matter with elders in my family and can't visit Dr alone. Thank you in advance.


Yes 5 months ia early to worry about conceiving, hopefully you will conceive soon. if unfortunately it does not happen by 1 year then you should go to a gynecologist, and she would advice you some basic workup. For your other problem again early months of marriage it could be painful. You can discuss it with you husband, and you may use some lubricants to help ease the pain. Also it is recommended that husband should spend some time in foreplay.

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