Ttc And High Prolactin, Early Periods


I am ttc and have 32.9 prolactin with no other symptoms. My macroprolactin results are pending so i am not still not taking any medicine. I have irregular periods usually after 34, 35 days. A week ago i faced extreme burping , small acidic vomits and pain in sternum after 4,5 hours of taking meal. I self medicated by taking pantoprazole 40mg . This helped but my periods came this time just after 18 days which is quite surprising. Now i am confused if i was preganant or they just started randomly. Please guide me


Sometimes the cycle is disturbed due to amy recent illness like yiu suffered from indigestion. I don't think that you were pregnant, as pregnancy symptoms of vomiting donot appear so early. Wishing you all the best with ttc.


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