Unable To Conceive Again


Salaam dr. I am a mother of 3 year old Ma sha Allah. My pregnancy had a emergency cerclage. My baby was born in the 2nd wk of 9th month. We are planning for a second baby for the last 6 7 months but I am unable to conceive. When we stopped using precautions (condoms) my cycle got disturbed. I have now sometimes 27 days cycle, then the next month i have 30 days cycle. I want to ask should I be concerned about this? Please suggest me some tests.


Walikum salam. Although 6 to 7 months is not a long time to get concerned and since you already have conceived once , hopefully you would conceive again soon , its just the matter of time but if you want you can get tested to see if you are ovulating or not. Get an ultrasound of pelvis on your cycle day 12 or 13 to check the size of follicles. And after the ultrasound you can try in your most fertile days just around ovulation. If your first baby was delivered by c section than you should get an HSG test , an x ray procedure done to check if the tubes are normal. A cycle length of 27 , 30 days is normal and 2 to 3 day change is also normal. Wishing you good luck.

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