Unplanned Pregnancy


I had a C-section 10 months ago. My husband and I were really looking forward to an SVD. Unfortunately it didn't happen. We have since then been avoiding another pregnancy but without any expert advice, and because of our failure to do so effectively, I'm pregnant again now. I cannot explain all the reasons why this is a very bad timing on our part, but the biggest reason is I so do not want another Caesarian, and want to put at least 3 years between my first and second child. My first Caesarian was a disaster and one more will make me go crazy. Since my LMP was 30 days ago, I really would like to terminate this pregnancy. But it should be done before it reaches 40 days, otherwise it would be a sin. For further info, read point no. 2: https://islamqa.info/en/42321 Is there any reliable and safe method of getting this done? Will this be a violation of our abortion laws? I am convinced that it is not a sin as long as organogenesis has not taken place. Seriously need help.


According to islamic and pakistani law, abortion can be carried out if there is life threatning danger to mother and child in case of continuation of pregnancy. In your case, may be you dont want to continue the pregnancy but according to your statement there is no life threatning condition.
There is too much grey area in termination of pregnancy on social demand.
I personally dont advise something for terrmination of pregnancy.

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