Aoa doctor I am diagonosed pcos.my periods was irregular from start.i took a hormonal treatment for 2 months in oct 2016 to dec 2016. now i am having almost regular periods. i am now married of 6.5 months and trying to concieve but failed my dates are almost regular with 2 or 3 days difference. i am on gluco phage 250mg 3 times and inferno 1 time a day by my DR. doing exercises and walks to lose weight but still nothing. also i feel a lot pain in right side of abdomen during intercourse which sometimes is so unbearable.also often having bladder pressure.plz guide me.

Dr. Rabia Wajid

MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Its good that you are taking Tab Glucophage.
For the right sided pain abdomen I would like you to have a pelvic scan so that we can proceed ahead.
Once that issue is resolved we can go for Husbaand' semen analysis.
Don't forget to take Tab Folic Acid on daily basis


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i am taking indofer on daily basis which contains folic acid iron ||| and hydroxode polymaltose.

6 months ago

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