Polycyctic ovuaries

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Today i have done my pelvic ultrasound n other hormone tests hormone tests were clear but in ultrasound i m diagnosed by polycyctic ovuaries n i m prescribed with glucophage 500mg tablet can u plz help me by looking at my report that is it serious or something to worry n can i concieve with it if i take medicine regularly for month?

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You can conceive, continue taking glucophage If you not conceive after 1 month.

Dr. Afshan Aziz You have cysts in your ovaries, so repeat your USG after 2 -3 months.

Anonymous Thank u Doctor for ur kind response i want to ask one thing more is that is size of cyst is too much? And what other precautions should I take?

Dr. Afshan Aziz We are not worried about the size at this time, it is small. repeat the USG after 3 months, if you feel pain than report your doctor. the cyst will not affect your fertility. but you also have PCOS, take care of your diet and do regular exercise.

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Keep taking glucophage for 6 months

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