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Talk to Dentist on Smell From Breath


Asking for Self, Male, 21 years old, Karachi

Hi, I have been facing terrible condition since last 5 years every one around me feels that my breath smells so bad even if i am talking or not this condition has become worst with the passage of time i dont have any disease related to lungs in the past my mouth just dry up.Its that even people far away from me sense the smell I tried to find some good physician but i never landed to diagnose what actually the problem is. I had typhoid twice in the past. Please provide geniun reason behind that and what should i do now

Homeopath in Lahore - Dr. Kiran Fatima

Dr. Kiran Fatima - Homeopath

DHMS, RHMP, CGO | Lahore


105 Positive Reviews

G beta aksar typhoid ke bad os ki medicine ki waja se stomach upset ho jata hai or tab bhi is tarha smell ati hai. Is ke ilawa gums main bhi infection ho to esa ho jata hai. Smell ke ilawa kia symptoms hain ap ki mouth taste kesa hai karwa hai ya namkeen. Or constipation to nahi hai ap ko. Agar is main se koi issue nahi to phir complete checkup or history ki zarorat hai. So ap mera appointment le sakte ho through marham

Member of Marham-Forum

Get your oral cavity examined first.

Member of Marham-Forum

mouth taste karwa ha
no constipation
i am currently in karachi
how can i be connected with you

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Rabia Ejaz Yousaf

Dr. Rabia Ejaz Yousaf - Dentist

BDS, MDS Operative Dentistry | Lahore


8 Positive Reviews

aoa this can happen due to multiple reasons. u need to see dentist asap

Dentist in Islamabad - Dr. Ayesha Khan

Dr. Ayesha Khan - Dentist

BDS , RDS , C-Endo, C-Ortho , C -Implants , C-Clear Aligners ,Certificate In Implantology | Islamabad


739 Positive Reviews

Dear patient reasons can b multiple.
we need to remove local cause 1st of all.
please visit dentist immediately without further delay.
lately we can exclude other reasons too.

Dentist in Karachi - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abid Mahmood

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abid Mahmood - Dentist

BDS , MCPS Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery | Karachi


4 Positive Reviews

have a bottle of water with you always and keep sipping water frequently, continuosly.


Post Owner

i do take water frequently still its getting worse day by day ..
i am little confused weather its mouth related or of something else since people feel it in breath even far far away from me

4 years ago

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Fatima Khattak

Dr. Fatima Khattak - Dentist

BDS | Karachi


4 Positive Reviews

Hi, There can be multiple reasons for bad breath. Some of the causes include tongue debris, smoking, poor dental hygiene, chronic inflammation in mouth, nose or throat, dry mouth-lack of saliva and certain medicines that in-turn can cause dry mouth. There are certain ways to improve saliva flow. These options involve the use of either saliva substitutes and/or saliva stimulants.
Saliva substitutes include water and artificial saliva. Saliva stimulants include sugar-free gum or mints which contain xylitol and prevent dry mouth.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Abid Noor

Dr. Abid Noor - Dentist

BDS | Karachi


7 Positive Reviews

No Dentist will tell you exact(geniun reason) until or unless go through complete history, clinical examination, radiographic examination and past dental treatment.
Visit to your nearest periodontist for evaluation and needful.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Aimen Zia

Dr. Aimen Zia - Dentist

BDS , RDS | Karachi


335 Positive Reviews

There could be many causes for this, it would be more suitable to visit a dentist so the exact cause can be diagnosed after examination and history. If you are in Karachi you can book my appointment through Marham

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Aishah Aijaz

Dr. Aishah Aijaz - Dentist

Dentistry, Masters of Public Health | Karachi


2 Positive Reviews

its because of dental plaque and calculus deposition.u need to consult some good dentist.and scaling is advised.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Nadeem Chand

Dr. Nadeem Chand - Dentist

BDS, RDS, MCPS (Oral Surgery), FICCDE (Singapore) | Karachi


87 Positive Reviews

it can b treated. but we ve to find out the cause. sometimes it's not related to ur mouth only

Dentist in Rawalpindi - Dr. Sarah Salim

Dr. Sarah Salim - Dentist

BDS | Rawalpindi


5 Positive Reviews

U have to visit dentist physically so that he can rule out whether bad breath is due to dental problem or any other like gastric etc
In case of dental, he would suggest you to go for ultrasonic scaling or opt for RCT/filling if needed

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Sheikh Zeeshan Mohiuddin

Through your his no one can diagnose hundred percent for accurate diagnosis clinical examination is must. But may be you oral hygiene is not good you need scaling with polishing. May be you have any stomach problems or due to mouth problem. Try to drink maximum glass of water in day or use chewing gums to increase your salivation.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Shazia Kiran

Dr. Shazia Kiran - Dentist

| BDS | | Karachi


1 Positive Reviews

There are various reasons for bad breath or halitosis. Local or systemic. Dry mouth could be due to stress,breathing through mouth ,smoking or some medicines. Poor oral hygiene, mouth infections, tooth cavities, tartar , gastric acid reflux can cause halitosis or bad breath. U need to visit a dentist for checkup

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