I am on Isotretinion since 4 months, prescribed by a renown dermatologist but I'm still getting the same amount of acne and the condition is not much improved. The doctor has asked me for a follow up after 6 months. My concern is that is it normal to still get acne while I'm on a treatment and would it need more time to recover completely ??


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Dr. Heba Saleem Please help


MBBS, Dip in Dermatology | Karachi

Well, the initial one month on isotretinoin, your existing acne gets worse (as is the norm with every patient), and then gradually makes your skin better.
But if its been 4 months and your acne hasnt gotten better, then the treatment must be switched after re assessment of your condition.
Either you go back to your consultant for a re evaluation or you're more than welcome to visit my clinic.