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Asking for Self, Female, 27 years old, Karachi

Its been over a decade that I keep getting boil-like pimples on buttocks. I showed it to different dermatologists but nothing could help till I finally visited my GP for it and she asked me to stick to cotton undies. It has helped a lot but I still keep getting a boil on and off. Moreover, from last two years, these have also started appearing on my inner thighs. They get so big and painful that I have yo use topical and oral antibiotics often. These blisters/boils often reappear on the same spot, specially the thigh ones. I have again got one since yesterday and attaching a pic here. So, I have two concerns:

1. What is this issue? And what do I do to prevent these boils? I am so fed up as they don't let me walk or sit properly and now I have 2mo who I am breastfeeding.

2. Is there any way I can get rid of the scars on my hips which these boila have been leaving for over 10 years now?

Please helppp :(

Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Naveed Ali

Dr. Naveed Ali - Dermatologist

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Actually the problem is that you have overactive glands which are causing these problems. In simple words you have acne line skin in the areas you are getting these boils. You need to take a medicine called Isotretinoin for long term, but in married females it is to be given with extreme precautions as it is a very dangerous drug and also needs periodic monitoring by some specialist doctor. So you must see some dermatologist near you and discuss this option. The scars produced by these boils on your hips are there to stay. In time there may be some improvement seen. If you are more concerned about these scars then you can discuss with your dermatologist about Co2 or micro needling for these scars. This is long term management and for short term treatment you can always use antibiotics.

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