Itching After Shower


For past 3 4 years I have this condition that after shower my body itches so bad for 10 min to an hour some times, Also it happens with sweat and rainy weather. Even I left gym because of this and daily after morning shower I have to deal with it. No rash or any type of visible signs on skin. Affected areas are legs which itches the worst and 2nd intense area is torso back and last one is upper arms which has the least itching. The chances of this happening in summer are with every shower but in winters it's 50-50 that this will happen after shower. Could this be some sort of allergy?


MBBS, Dip in Dermatology | Karachi

yes, if its been happening everytime for a long time, then its possible you have aquagenic urticaria. a type of allergy to water.

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