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please suggest curable treatment. and what is this actually. pimples or acne. please recommend any cream or medication.


MBBS, MCPS | Lahore

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This doesn't seem to be simple acne. Do you have any family history of TB? 


MBBS | Lahore

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Please visit clinic for detailed checkup as it needs proper managment.


MBBS, FCPS (Dermatology) | Lahore

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This is nodulocystic acne...
Kindly visit for full consultation...
I would like to start oral treatment but i need few blood test reports
before starting that...
To start with, take tab adoxa 100mg once daily and arynoin gel in small
amount over acne (only at night)...visit with your blood test reports...
Following reports should be done before visit..(Liver function test...
Fasting lipid profile)


MBBS, DDCD (Thailand) | Karachi

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Discuss in details on whats app
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MBBS, FCPS Part -2 Resident | Lahore

ye agar chehre k ek taraf hei to alag cheez hei or agar donon atraaf per hei to alag. qabil e ilaj to hei he inshaAllah lekin jld se jld dermatologist ko check krwaen ta k scarring se bcha ja ske.