Pimples And Hair On Chin

Hello dr.i need your help.my face used to be dry but few years back my T-zone area have become oily.cheeks too.now the main issue is from last 2.5 years i have problem.of pimples.or i should say ecne?they keep poping up and too big in size.that too all over my face.and even though i dont touch them they still leave a mark.so please tell me what do i do to get rid of them.i am getting married in march so help needed.and i am noticing 3to 4,hair on my chin.i havent touched them yet but they are growing.so tell me about it too.


Pics please... Do you use cosmetics?


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I do not use cosmetics.very rare.like in weddings.maximum once or twice a year.

1 year ago