Severe Hair Loss In Female

My sister has severe hair loss so much so that the middle part of the head is completely bald. We have been to dermatologists in the past and they prescribed some oral medicines of GNC and Minoxidil spray. Nothing has worked. PRP was suggested by some people but the research on it doesn't indicate a very favourable result. I am primarily looking for some good doctors who we can go to for a consultation. I can't find any doctor specializing in female baldness. Any help in this regard would be much appreciated. (We have already been to Hair Club)


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Hair loss has to evaluated by complete history and examination to establish a diagnosis. If it’s a genetic pattern hair loss, treatment options are different. Medical treatment has to be done continuously to get results.


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Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I do think there's a genetic cause.
But looking for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Is she suffering from any other condition? What about her wt and periods?You can take apt and we will be able to help you . 


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Thank you for replying.
There are no significant associated medical conditions. Weight issue is there and a really low Vitamin D.
I just looked at your profile and would like to take an appointment.
There are two clinics mentioned, which one should I come at?

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Is she suffering from any other disease? As their are many diseases associated with hair loss.