Skin Problem

My skin appear to have acne, small pimples and they are alot, Im having them since I was a teenager, they get worst before by cycle, the previous one fade us sy pehly next cycle ajati and they get double, if i touch them they leave marks other wise dont leave marks generally. i cleans drink water control oil have been to dermatologist since i was 13. Its hoepless now, they are not visible if u see from a distance but if u see close they look very bad. Dermatologist have prescribed me Dalacin T and isortex gel once but the gel ruins skin even more.


No need to worry at all...
In Shaa Allah soon they will be treated...
Call me on my no for some further details.


That's the treatment. The gel will peel off your skin and exfoliate it. Keep on using it


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so i have to exfoliate and peel my face off all the time? cz this acne is all over my face and peeling make it looks even worst. I have wedding coming up,

1 year ago