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Asking for Self, Male, 31 years old, Abbottabad

Dear Dr I had an accident and suffered a forehead injury to the extent that a slight part of skull bone was exposed. The wound on forehead was healed with the help of 45 external stitches. Now there is a visible mark of almost 4 to 5 inches and pin cushion defect. Still some part of the wound is under the process of healing. Attached is a current picture I am looking for a treatment to remove the pin cushion defect and at least fade the scar. Kindly let me know if the treatment for this is possible. If you give me a positive response then I shall plan a visit to meet you and avail the services . I look forward to a positive response from you. Regards Ali

Cosmetic Surgeon in Lahore - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sheraz Raza

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sheraz Raza - Cosmetic Surgeon

MBBS, MRCS (EdinBurgh), FCPS (Plastic Surgery), Fellowship in hand & Microsurgery NUH Singapore | Lahore


90 Positive Reviews

Assalam o Alaikum,
It seems like a pretty serious injury. I m glad u didnt have a head
injury in the incidence. Well its not actually pin cushioning but more so
trap door effect which is quite common in face and scalp injuries. I m sure
we can make it better by doing scar revisons and w plasties to merge the
raised skin flap to adjacent skin.



Post Owner

Thanks for the response. You are right it was a serious injury and thanks to Allah I didnot suffer any serious Brain or skull injury.
I had suffered the wound in a road accident on 7th June 2018 i-e 19 days ago . The scar can be seen in the picture that it occupies a large area on the forehead and is raised as well. I want that the scar is in line with the level of the skin as the raised part looks ugly . Furthermore, I wish the scar is least visible and faded.
I am writing from Abbottabad so I want to know that if any treatment is possible with the best possible results then I shall plan a visit to meet you at your city. Moreover, let me know when is the suitable time to start the treatment as currently 19 days have elasped since the accident, and some other wounds on forehead are still in the process of healing.
I would appreciate if I can also get your contact number or email id for further discussion. My email areopagitica8@gmail.com
Looking forward to your response.
Ali Inan
Lecturer in English
Federal Govt Colleges

6 years ago

Plastic Surgeon in Lahore - Dr. Ammara Rabbani

Dr. Ammara Rabbani - Plastic Surgeon

MBBS, FCPS (Plastic Surgery) | Lahore


13 Positive Reviews

It is quite an extensive soft tissue injury on your forehead and the wound is still in its healing phase 
First And most  importnat thing is to start wound management and scar therapy and let the wound heal and scar to settle down in couple of months as already more then a months passed 
Then your main concern  about the pin cushion and scar revision 
Which is basically a trap door effect As seen on picture will Need  secondary corrective surgeries in form of scar revision To have a better much settle, smooth scar and less conspicuous scar
You can visitCosmetic Center
Hameed Latif Hospit­al 31/2A Abubakar Bl­ock ,New Garden Town, Lahore.
042-32591427, Monday to Friday 
Timings 7pm to 9pm

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