Chicken Poks

I am suffering from chicken poks since 2 days before that i had high fever but from yesterday fever is gone every elder is saying not to take bath till these chicken poks went down and not to eat sweet things, juice,egg or tea etc i want to ask can i take bath since weather is too hot and is causing more itching and should i really avoid eating or drinking any sort of thing?


Who diagnosed you chicken pox? If it is chicken pox ,it is usually severe in with age.Bath is good as sweating will cause bacterial super infection ,you can take bath frequently as you want.In diet no restriction you ca avoid achar ,chatni,and very cold water it can cause sore throat.You should take high protein foods ,remember no restriction in diet.Allah bless you


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JazakAllah and I want to ask another thing again that my throat hurt a lot sometime that I feel pain in my chest too so is that due to chicken pox or something else?

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Aoa thank you and need a thorough examination by a competent physician and investigations for diagnosis and treatment