Done Lipids.Levels High

Done lipid profile. All values are high from max average. Kindly suggest what medicines to take and hiw to controls or less these values. As for eating i already eat controlled. Dosen't take much food from outside of home. Eat two times a day. Breakfast and dinner only. Take two cups of green tea daily. My height is 5feet 8inches. And weight 78 kg. what should be done to control my lipids. Regards


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Aoa . Get your reports and go to any good physician. Show him today and get med started. Eat cucumber 4 daily t I'll you are alive remb this . Get yourself detoxification. Find me on Facebook and then get link of my group. Learn how to detox. Or Google it and learn how to detox yourself.


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Walk regularly. Take less oil in food. Avoid fatty food and junk food. If you are over wieght , your weight should be according to height. Calculate BMIIt can be controlled without medicine. If still values comes out of control then you be needing medicine. Repeat test after 3 monrhs again