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I have been facing the urge to go pee again and again since this very morning. I am 27 year old married female, never had unprotected sex. Whenever I pee, I experience a strange sensation. It's not burning, not itching, no odor whatsoever.. But the urge to go again and again is very disturbing. I am also experiencing a bojhal pan around my pelvic area I. E. The part below the naval. The urine color is white and I just had one cup of Ginger water with lemon grass in the morning on an empty stomach. Plz help


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Kindly use these medicine
Tab Cipval 500 mg
Aik suba aik sham
CranMax Sachet aik suba aik sham pani ma mila kar
Tab Nuberol
Aik suba aik sham

Kindly do this test Urine Complete Examination
For Further evaluation you can book appointment at
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Thank you Sir!

1 month ago


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you didn't write how many children do you have , or if u canciv again if there's an erly pregnancy , do a PT test n urine D r... stop taking ginger n lemon water for few days until ur problem will be diagnosed


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Thank u Ma'am for your response. I neither conceived nor I intend to at the moment. My spouse and I use condom and initially I thought it is some kind of infection caused by latex allergy. Do u think it could be?

3 weeks ago

Dr. Shama Muzaffar
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I just sow ur reply here ,I need detailed history , it's much better if u take an appointment through Marhum

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Get a urine complete examination 


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the history is very suggestive of cystitis which is very common in females.It can be treated just based on information empirically .but if you can send urine c/s its good that shouldn't stop you to start treatment .drink plenty of fluids and start appropriate abx you don't need a handful of drugs.
usually, nitrofurantoin 50mg tablet x 4 times daily for 5 days is adequate to treat this if you start feeling unwell vomiting abdominal pain shivers then it need review .urine test can guide appropriate antibiotics but avoid broad-spectrum antibiotics for this problem as harm outweigh benefits.
i am happy to offer you consult if the need arises.
Dr Kashif I Ahmad
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Plz visit my clinic at Wilcare medical center Lahore
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