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Talk to General Physician on Heel-foot Pain


Asking For Self, Female, 24 Years old, khi

I’ve been having pain at the bottom of my feet mostly heels, the pain is worse when i wake up in morning or if i start walking again after sitting or resting for a while in if i keep walking the whole day then I don’t feel much of it. Have this since the last two months when I’d gone for travelling and returned from there and started having this pain after 4,5 days of coming back. I don’t remember any such activity there except for prolonged hours of walking which I don’t think would cause such pain.

General Physician in Jhang - Dr. Sajjad Malik

Go for Serum Uric acid ,RA factor ESR and share ur reports
take Tab.Brexin 20mg (1+1)
cap.Thiolax 4mg (1+1) for 5 days
apply phlogin gel at heels if pain is sever

Rehabilitation Medicine in Lahore - Dr. Gull Mahnoor Hashmi

Dr. Gull Mahnoor Hashmi - Rehabilitation Medicine

| Ms Cardiopulmonary | DPT | | Lahore


21 Positive Reviews

please get a treatment for planter fascitis.


Post Owner

Which dr should i go to for this? Physician ?

2 years ago

General Physician in Karachi - Dr. Naveen Manzoor

U need rx for plamtar fasciitis.
tab synflex 550mg TWIce daily
cap ezomol 40mg Od
Buy low to moderate heel shoes with good cushioning effect,hold a cloth covered ice pack over the area having pain for 10 minutes and do this 4 times a day.If doesnot respond,comsult a physical therapist.

Internal Medicine Specialist in Karachi - Dr. Syed Sardar Ali

Dr. Syed Sardar Ali - Internal Medicine Specialist

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine) | Karachi


40 Positive Reviews

do exercise with foot rocker and use hot and cold pads alternatively use soft inner sole

General Physician in Lahore - Dr. Col R Tauseef Irfan

Dr. Col R Tauseef Irfan - General Physician

MBBS, MRCGP (UK) | Lahore


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Are you Overweight?Do any other joints hurt?Have you ever had any back pain?

This is planter fascitis. The heel fascia is inflamed. Take Proxen or Synflex 500mg Twice a day with food.Take once a day Esomega 20 mg OD.
Wear comfortable shoes with heel pads.You can apply ice twice a day.
Follow this treatment for 3 to 6 weeks.
If you don't get better consult for further work up.


Post Owner

I’ve always been underweight but rapidly gained 10 kgs after marriage it’s been a year to that which now makes me slightly overweight for my height, I’m 5,6 and weigh 60 kgs and yes I’ve always had problems with my lower back probably since i was a teenager. Somedays it hurts but other days it’s fine i think it’s sciatica cuz mostly the pain radiates till the legs too, no other joint pain.

2 years ago

Homeopath in Rawalpindi - Dr. Asifa Khanum

Dr. Asifa Khanum - Homeopath

DHMS | Rawalpindi


232 Positive Reviews

you should take medicine it's treatable completely inshallah plz contact me via marham and don't take painkiller

Family Medicine in Islamabad - Prof. Dr. Tabassum Naveed

Prof. Dr. Tabassum Naveed - Family Medicine

MBBS, MCPS (Family Medicine), DIP (Health Professions Education), MHPE (Health Professions Education) | Islamabad


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history is suggestive of plantar fascitis but examination is importantat to rule out other causes and hence treatment. general physician/family physician can guide

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