Mobile Addiction

He has a mobile phone addiction... adversely effecting on his personality, behaviour etc...And off course now he is mentally and physically ill... I want a solution for this serious issue..????


It's part of today society everyone have to adjust it what modification u want


DrNaeem Chaudry

First step is to realize that this is a problem which needs correction
Second it has to be done through will power
Third that it is psychological addiction and needs to be controlled bit by bit every day
( Success is got in inches not in miles, an inch today is enough)
Fourthly you may seek the help of a psychologist if needed
My advice is to make an upper limit on mobile use
for example
No mobile use one hour after getting up in morning
and one hour before going to bed at night
This can be increased after 10 days to no mobile use for one hour during the lunch etc


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dear pt
serious counselling is required.


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Aoa suggest he be examined by a competent physiologist for denensitisaion