I feel sharp burning pain undet my left continur for. Many hours and then khud he sahy hojata hai. I feel like burping all the time. And whatever i eat or dtink water it comes in my mouth what could be the reason. Me facing this from 2 months. And secondly meray muh ka taste bhi boht bura hogaya hai or tongue par i feel like kuch hot cheez peetay hain is tarah ka tongue par feel hota hai and always feel dry mouth. Plz help me


Does this pain radiate into your arm and shoulder?
Do you are taking some medicines?
If then send me their details.
On my 042-32591427, .


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you have GERD (gatroesophegeal reflux disease).
u need to get full assessment. so that proper treatment can b started.


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How can i strt the treatment? M from karachi. How it can be treated

1 year ago

Dr. Rashid Usman
Dr. Rashid Usman - Vascular Surgeon

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pl get yrself checked by a competant gastroentrologist.

1 year ago


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We need to check u, so plz visit if u can. U have GERD.


did u get any test burning sensation


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I gt burning sensation as well as it seem needles and pins and also the pain goes to uppwr back?

1 year ago


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This most probably suggests acidity and reflux. See me at al razi hospital on m m Alam road on Monday Tuesday Wednesday between 6-8 pm


Sharp pain under left breast,burping,bad taste.All are referring to stomach upset.Under left breast heart is there. Kindly do an ECG.TAKE  esomoprarzole 40 mg at night . And levosulpride twice daily before meals


Kindly contact at my pain management center
Located at Gulshan-e-Iqbal and PECHS


Nasreen Masood

Are you at risk for an infectious diseas due to sex or dentist ?