Severe Feet Pain

m mother of 3kids via c section. Fatty liver. No other medical issue. Bt im having severe pain in my feet. Both in heel n sole. Uric acid phle high hota tha. Bt abi normal ha.pain in heel is so much tht i hv problem in walking. Wht can b the reason?


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dear pt
most probably it can be due to obesity or over weight, or nutritional deffeciency as of calcium and vit D , it can be a calcaneal spur which can be diagonosedd on x rays, u must visit a good physician for it and a nutritionist for ur diet and health assesment.


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Get your blood CP
Iron, vit D3, vitamin B12 Levels

Tab Lyrica 100mg at night
Tab Airtal 100mg twice daily tab


1. YOu must reduce weight if over weight
2. You must wear shoes with heal at all times. Heal may be small as often is male shoe heal. Only use softy for bath room other wise always in heal or joggers having a small heal.
3. Do stretching exercise. a. Stand erect b. Now lift heals and stand on your toes.c. hold for one minute or as much as you can.
Repeat 5 times initially and then in 4 weeks increase to 10 times.

The treatment will take the time of about one month and your pain will be gradually reduced Insha Allah


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Aoa need a thorough clinical examination by a competent physician to reach a proper diagnosis and treatment


When did u have ur last CBC done ?