Thelesemia Minor

iam thelesemia minor. nd i get tired too early lazines nd mood swings and less stamina and less havng low immune system .will u tell what things nd care i have to do ?


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Dr. Affan Zada Please help

Dr. Affan Zada
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All u need is a good healthy diet..
Make sure you have a routine checkup with your concerned physician and regular monitoring of Hb(Haemoglobin) level..

Can you please share what medications are you taking currently??


1 year ago


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folic acid sumtyms nd not much any

1 year ago


MBBS, MPH, Ex. MBA (HRM), MCPS Family Medicine (ongoing) | Lahore

That's ok. It's sufficient, though you should probably take it daily (once)..
There's nothing much you should think or act about.. It's something you will live with,without harming you..

Stay blessed..