I have family history of high cholesetrol, 2 brothers died in early forties due to stroke. I am using medicine Rovista and blood pressure medicine. I read one article that Statins don't lower Cholesterol but increase Cancer and memory loss and heart trebles. should I stop using medicine to lower cholesterol. Please advise asap Best regards, Aziz


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aoa....we as follow recommendations which are made after vigoruos work and till now giidelines recommend use of lipid lowering medicines when keep following your doctor prescription.


Muhammad Haroon

Statins should never be stopped once started.
The dose of 10mg is low.
you should increase to 20mg at night.
statins are magical drugs and they not only lower lipids but also work in alot of other ways to help your body in prevention from stroke MI Thromboembolism & alot of other similar conditions. The side effects are
1. Gastric burning
2. Muscle inflammation
3. liver injury
but they are very very rare & my fellow colleagues must agree with that who see over 50 patients everyday.

Dr. Syed Hunain Riaz
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You have a very strong family history of cardiovascular disease.The side effects of statin though a reality are very rare occurrences and that too at very high doses.The side effects mainly involve muscle inflammation and liver toxicity.Kindly continue meds and followup with your Doc.

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aoa. u read it extremely wrong somewhere, given your history contact a good
cardiologist/ physician asap & dont take it lightly.


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Aoa please do not stop the medicine and there is no fact in the reports you quoted

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contact physicion nearby. vldl should be less than 100.


Post Owner

Dear Qaem Deen,
Please don't comment if you don't have proper knowledge. You mentioned that VLDL should be less than 100, for your information VLDL should be less that 40

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its just not that u should take medicine because u have family history of
cholestrol.Most important thing is that what levels u r mantaining if they
are in normal limits there is no need of taking such medicines


Umar Farooq

Asslamo alaikum dr sb meri age abi 30 years hai.mera stomach ka bht problam hai.pait m huwa bht banti hai.r stool mein b vegitables cell bht aa rahy hn.test mein vitamin d ki bht kami i hai.11.62 hai.jsm mein bht weakness hai dekhne mein bilkul fit nzr ata hn. Fatty liver b hai t left kidney mein 3 stones b hn 5 years se.r urine m acidity b hai.plz help me main saodi arab m hn.jazzak Allah kheir.