I am suffering from high fever from last few days. I am feeling very weak. severe pain in whole body.

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Fever is a body's response to inflammation; vaguely saying any "infection".
A doctor normally needs to ask you a lot of questions; to ascertain what part of your body is infected and is it a viral or a bacterial infection.
Age; sex; occupation; recent travel history; recent food or water intake from nonhygienic sources; vomiting,nausea diarrhea etc etc.
Usually it comes out in form of some benign infection; like pharyngitis urinary tract infection or malaria.
It can also be typhoid or dengue (esp wrt the bone pains you mentioned)
Whatever the case; take 2 tablets panadol for fever relief and tell your problem in detail for a better response.
Thank you; may Allah g grant you shhifa.


Any sore throat
Cold sneezing
Or any other symptoms???

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