my father has right side hemiplegia. it has been 25 days ago when this happend to him due to high b.p . he can eat and speak. he can move his right leg slightly and also there some movement in hand. i want to know who much time it will take for his complete recovery.


Most of the recovery occurs in first week...remaining in one
month...afterwards very slow and minor recovery


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The recovery time is variable amd it depends on the cause of stroke.
If he has stroke because his neck vessels were blocked then unless you got that treated it will happen again.
Being a vascular surgeon i strongly recommend that u see me regarding this issue.
if the vessels are clear then no surgery is needed and only medicine are enough.



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It depends on the nature of stroke wether infarct or haemorrage,size and site and comorbidities.you will have to furnish details of illness and relavent record.


First did you do CT scan brain of your father ?
There is no complete recovery of hemiplegia what you have to do is daily exercise ! Do physiotherapy in proper way ! You may also went to tertiary care unit where facility of therapy available !! Must take secondary prevention ! Proper diet free of cholesterol ! And medicine i.e lipid lowering agent (xplendid 10 mg once after dinner) and antihypertensive after breakfast ! Try to check bp for at least one week(6 hourly daily ) then mail me reading ! If you did CT scan kindly mail me films !


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Aoa thank you and recovery from stroke may take several weeks but you need to consult a competent physician to devise a way forward


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Its a stroke and it doesnot recover again. Sorry to tell you about this. But you can show to endocrinologist