Nodule In Throat

Respected doc 6 month ago i found a nodule in my throat right side i consult with a doc of servis hospital she said leave it its just a nodule but my mother was concious about it she consulted another doc he said its deactive this time but after some time its change into cancer or create some problm for u so operate it i again consult with my first doc he said no dont operate it plz help me what can i do nd any doc suggest me who are gud for this.


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Aoa need a thorough checking and investigations by a competent physician


dear you need to have assessment can call me at 042-32591427, 042-32591427,
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sorry for late reply but thanx for this concern sir this nodule make me stressfull i left the hope of life only one question comes in my mind that i will die.insha Allah i will call u in the morning.

1 year ago


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Actually there are many reasons for the development of nodules or lumps in
the neck. The commonest among them are of thyroid or lymph nodes. And even
for these two there are myraids of reasons.
If there is any need for the surgery or not can only be decided by
examination by a qualified surgeon.


madam kindly give me more detail


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assalmu alikum doc its a nodule just like a ball first doc said its a thyroid i test it but thyroid function is ok but doc said its a nodule so u should scan it from anmol i scan it thn doc write another test in which the doc inject in that nodule nd take some anzyme but thanx to Allah that test was also ok now i want to just follw up of this one because m afraid to it.

1 year ago


W.s ..first of all get a FNAC of this nodule to get the nature of it either
it is lymph node cyst or something else and then consult E.n.t specialist
or surgeon...dont worry if it isnt growing in size and is soft in
consistenct it will be benign


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It would help to know the size and location of tge nodule and whether it
has changed in size or not. A photograph could help. Generally speaking,
nodules in the neck that persist for longer than a month, should at least
be investigated.


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plz consult an ENT specialist ...


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There are many reasons for nodule in neck. Some need urgent treatment and some can b even left alone. Thorough examination and investigations are needed to reach diagnosis. Book an appointment to see me.


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