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Aoa...mam i have a problem...i am expecting but suddenly my bleeding starts with some pain in cervical opening and abdomen...this problem was also there before concieving specially after intercourse pain and bleeding sometimes used to start...can u please suggest me what to do now ...and is it harmful for this pregnancy as my normal periodic circle is about 40 days and LMP was on 18 june... I went to dr last tue and she said that ultrasound is showing sac of 0.9 mm and no foetus so u should remove this pregnancy...i am quiet worried kindly tell me I have two kids before with normal delivery


Ap dobara ultrasound karwae kisi achi lab se bazokat pregnancy safe hoti Hai or bleeding se baby ko koi farq nahi parhta bus bed rest ki zarorat hoti Hai is Lea kindly dobara ultrasound karwaen


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Are there chances of cervical infection ?? And can it be treated during pregnancy

4 days ago


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Yeah i have appointment tomorrow with my dr

4 days ago

Dr. Kiran Fatima

G theak hai ap karwa ke mughe reply dein

4 days ago


Dear get an urgent ultrasound


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bleeding PV during pregnancy isnt normal...u shud repeat ur ultrasound 2wks after ur previous ultrasound...
u can also do ur Sbcg now and repeat aft 48hours...50% increase in its value ll indicate tht ur pregnancy is viable...or u can also do ur serum progesterone levels once...

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