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I am 22 years old with height of 5'9..but my weight is barely 50kg.I want to gain some weight. 65 kg is my ideal weight and I want to gain 15 kg in year. can anyone please recommend me what should I do?

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Your ideal weight should be 63kg so you should gain 13kg. Your weight is very low which can be dangerous for you. We can prepare a diet plan for you which will help you gain 4-6kg in one month. A diet plan is a document which suggest you the food, its timing, quantity, preparation and exercises. A diet plan is prepared after detailed interview regarding eating habits, food likes and dislikes and daily physical activity level. If you you are interested in our diet plan, kindly call our nutritionist on 042-32591427, , 042-32591427, or 042-32591427, . You can also visit our website www.diet-planners.com or facebook page www.facebook.com/dietplannerpk


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4-6 kgs? do you think I'm stupid?

2 years ago


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Yes it is possible 2 kgs gain per month but needs a registeration with us for complete solution along with diet planĀ 


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how I can register ?

2 years ago


First of all, make sure you do not have any underlying health problems causing you to be underweight. Then You need to set up a proper meal schedule. You also need to learn how to add in healthy high calorie foods into your diet. Make sure you are exercising regularly, and do some resistance and weight training to help build your muscle tone. Be thankful you do not have the opposite problem. It's much harder to deal with being overweight than underweight.

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