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My 12 year niece weight is 56 kg . kindly send me diet chart.she regular walking in 45 minutes.2 kg loose in 15 day.


It is better that you visit a nutritionist or dietician rather than asking for a diet chart. Keep in mind for a child to lose weight, it has to be a family affair. One child can not be singled out while others or parents eat as they want. Also, there is no one size fits all diet chart. It's more important to teach the child how to make healthy food choices, and that the parents are setting the example. Make sure that the child also is not being fat-shamed by anyone in the house, which unfortunately is all too common. It will only increase the child's stress levels and increase the risk of developing depression, both of which are counterproductive. Make sure all cold drinks and juice boxes are eliminated from the house first, and then focus on eating more vegetables and fruits.

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