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Talk to Dietitian/Nutritionist on Pregnancy And Pineapple Juice


is it okay to drink pinapple juice in 4th and 5th month of pregnancy?

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Lahore - Rameen Saqib
Rameen Saqib - Dietitian / Nutritionist

BSc Food Sciences and Human Nutrition | Lahore

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

yes it is!

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Lahore - Dr. Asem Jawaid
Dr. Asem Jawaid - Dietitian / Nutritionist

MBBS, MSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Certified Sports Nutritionist, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer | Lahore

review-stars 64 Positive Reviews

Yeah it's fine watch your bladder though.
And stay blessed.

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Khadija Tariq
Ms. Khadija Tariq - Dietitian / Nutritionist

Doctor of Nutrition Sciences | Lahore

review-stars 16 Positive Reviews


Dietitian / Nutritionist in Muzaffarabad - Saadia Mir
Saadia Mir - Dietitian / Nutritionist

BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition, Mphil (Nutrition) | Muzaffarabad


Dietitian / Nutritionist in Dera Ghazi Khan - Rd. Bareera Najeeb
Rd. Bareera Najeeb - Dietitian / Nutritionist

Doctor of Nutrition Science (DNS) | Dera Ghazi Khan

review-stars 21 Positive Reviews

yes! after 1 trimester you can take

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Lahore - Marium Mubarik
Marium Mubarik - Dietitian / Nutritionist

BS (Hon) Nutritional Science | Lahore

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

yes you can take it after first trimester.

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Javaria Javaid
Ms. Javaria Javaid - Dietitian / Nutritionist

BS (Hons) Home Economics ( Food and Nutrition) | Lahore

After the first trimester .. go for fruit instead

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Lahore - Anam Umair
Anam Umair - Dietitian / Nutritionist

BSc in Food and Science, MBA in Helath and Hospital Administration, Certified in Child Nutrition, Certified in Oncology, Certified in Pathology, NHRA License Holder, Diploma in Food Allergy and Intolerance Training, Diploma in Nutrition | Lahore

review-stars 19 Positive Reviews

yes it safe but its better to consume whole fruits instead of juices. Excess consumption of pineapple, can cause acidity or heartburn. Ideally, you should have a mixed bowl of fruits and can include pineapple.

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Wah Cantt - Misbah Bashir
Misbah Bashir - Dietitian / Nutritionist

Bs Hons Human Nutrition and Dietetics, MS PH | Wah Cantt

review-stars 14 Positive Reviews

its good
but dot take bottled or preserved one

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Wah Cantt - Mr. Latif Ullah Khattak
Mr. Latif Ullah Khattak - Dietitian / Nutritionist

MD, MSc Nutrition, MsPH | Wah Cantt

review-stars 9 Positive Reviews

yes, juices are good addition, but must take care of the blood sugar levels and follow a proper diet pattern during this period. for proper diet plan regarding pregnancy you can take an appointment with me. there must be a balance between food choices and time as pregnancy associated diabetes is expected if diet is rich in more carbohydrates.

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Gujranwala - Bisma

it's good but preferably take fresh juice not canned

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Sargodha - Sunmbal Aziz
Sunmbal Aziz - Dietitian / Nutritionist

BSc (Food Science And Technology) | MSc (Food 7 Nutrition) | | Sargodha

review-stars 41 Positive Reviews

yes if you are taking fresh juice ...then all fresh juices are healthy but make sure they are canned or preserve d

Dietitian / Nutritionist in Lahore - Dietitian Amna Zafar

yes take only fresh juices not canned

Member of Marham-Forum

thanks everyone ??

Member of Marham-Forum

thanks everyone ??

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