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My age is 24 and my weight is 38 . How can I gain ? Plz help


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We can prepare a diet plan for you which will help you gain 4-6kg in one month. A diet plan is prepared after detailed interviews regarding eating habits, food likes and dislikes and daily physical activity level so if you are interested in our diet plan, you can call our nutritionist on 042-32591427, , 042-32591427, or 042-32591427, . You can also visit our website www. Diet-planners.com


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dear you should take anjeer(figs) 3-5 every day soaked in water.. also try
banana date shake.. try to consume more calories.. each 3 5 times a day..do
slightly walk warmup before meal so your body will absorb energy and
nutrients more.. book an apointment with me..visit if you can.


shahana naz

Aoa ma'am. I am a patient of lean pcos. Im 31 years old. My height is 5.4 but my weight is 48kgs only. Im really disturbed. On one hand im suffering from pcos. On the other hand im skinny and have sunken cheeks and all this has spoiled my confidence. I hv consulted different gynaecologists but all in vain. I wanna cure my pcos with the help of proper diet and at the same time i want to put on healthy weight with the help pf proper diet. I feel general weakness all the time.
Can u plz guide me in this regard ?

5 months ago


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Gaining wt is long and tedious but we have a good track record on wt gain , I’m afraid we only give consultation by appointments , pl call 042-32591427,


Dear Patient,
Call me at 042-32591427, i ask some details nd then tell u diet by taking
that InShaaAllah you will surely gain weight