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I am mum of 3. My LO is 36 days old. When should I start my weight loss journey? I’m 76kg height 5.5” I want to loose 15-16 kgs What are the do’s and don’t? As I don’t want to effect my baby’s health?? Thanks


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wait for 3-6 months..then you may start. For now you can follow a diet plan of healthy diet according to your calorie needs that will help you to avoid gaining more weight


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Dear!! Wait till the baby starts weaning/complementary feeding, after that you can follow a diet plan for weight loss. From now, avoid all junk and processed food items, make a habit of 30-40 min walk/physical activity per day.


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You will be shedding weight as you will continue feeding. start weight loss program after 6 months when your child starts weaning, in a healthy way by controlling the portions of what you are eating..avoid any kind of processed food and go for wholewheat..


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For few months consume a balanced diet containing all the required vitamins and minerals using natural foods. You can start walk routine with light yoga postures till then. For detailed guidance, book an appointment :)