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Asking for Self, Female, 21 years old, Gojra

I am a girl.I want to join afns.but my weight is 32 kg.but in this field weight must be 50 kg I can't understand what should I do please guide me

Nutritionist in Sialkot - Dr. Maham Riaz

Dr. Maham Riaz - Nutritionist

DDNS ( doctor of diet and nutrition science ) ( MPHIL in human nutrition and dietists) | Sialkot


9 Positive Reviews

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Nutritionist in Bahawalpur - Ms. Aisha Rizwan

Ms. Aisha Rizwan - Nutritionist

MSc (Food and Nutrition) | Bahawalpur


53 Positive Reviews

Dear contact me for proper consultation You can gain health wt with proper diet

Nutritionist in Jhang - Asma Draz

Asma Draz - Nutritionist

Ms Human Nutrition and Dietitics | Jhang


4 Positive Reviews

book appointment with me. InshaAllah through diet plan you can achieve your weight target within time.

Nutritionist in Rawalpindi - Yasir Hussain

Yasir Hussain - Nutritionist

| BS (Hons.) Human Nutrition & Dietetics | MS Healthcare Management* | | Rawalpindi


2 Positive Reviews

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Nutritionist in Karachi - Ms. Zoha Hafeez

Ms. Zoha Hafeez - Nutritionist

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition | Karachi


26 Positive Reviews

Kindly book your appointmentbfor proper consultation. You can easily gain weight with healthy diet

Nutritionist in Multan - Mian Farhan Haider Rd

Mian Farhan Haider Rd - Nutritionist

Doctor of Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences, MS (Food Diet & Nutrition) | Multan


6 Positive Reviews

book consultation..!

Nutritionist in Lahore - Maleeha Waseem

Maleeha Waseem - Nutritionist

| Doctor of Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences | | Lahore


12 Positive Reviews

You need a proper guidance and a diet plan. Book an appointment, when can discuss about when is your test and how much time we have to achieve your goal. Goodluck.

Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Khadija Ali

Ms. Khadija Ali - Nutritionist

DNS (Doctor of Nutrition Sciences) | Lahore

Kindly book your appointment for proper guidelines and diet plan.

Nutritionist in Dera Ghazi Khan - Dn. Rohama Ali

Dn. Rohama Ali - Nutritionist

BS (HND) | Dera Ghazi Khan


1 Positive Reviews

for wt gain you should focus on proteins
you can add proteins in your meals and in snacks as well
for proper plan you can consult with me

Nutritionist in Faisalabad - Ms. Amna Khan

Ms. Amna Khan - Nutritionist

Doctor of Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences (DDNS) | Faisalabad


1 Positive Reviews

we can help you with your health related issue we have amazing results with our weight gain clients kindly WhatsApp us on this no we'll guide you zero double three five eight double six double zero seven four

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear for weight gain you need to add protein in your diet.for proper plan discussion plz book appointment

Nutritionist in Rawalpindi - Dn. Fatimah Abdyab

Dn. Fatimah Abdyab - Nutritionist

BSc (Hons.) Human Nutrition & Dietetics | Rawalpindi


3 Positive Reviews

Weight gain k liye meals add kryn aur proper caloric surplus plan follow krna huga.

Nutritionist in Islamabad - Dr. Dietitian Saba Hussain

Dr. Dietitian Saba Hussain - Nutritionist

MSC (Dietitian & Nutritionist) BSC Hons (Dietitian & Nutritionist) | Islamabad

Book ur appointment

Nutritionist in Khanpur - Dr. Areej Saleem

Dr. Areej Saleem - Nutritionist

BS (Hons) Food & Nutrition, MSc Food Nutrition, PhD Scholar | Khanpur

contact me I will give you best diet plan

Nutritionist in Lahore - Dietitian Amna Zafar

book an appointment for proper guidelines

Nutritionist in Lahore - Ms. Tayyaba Zulfiqar

Ms. Tayyaba Zulfiqar - Nutritionist

| Doctor of Diet & Nutrition Sciences | MS Human Nutrition and Dietetics | | Lahore

book your appointment to get your individualized weight gain plan

Nutritionist in Sargodha - Sunmbal Aziz

Sunmbal Aziz - Nutritionist

BSc (Food Science And Technology) | MSc (Food 7 Nutrition) | | Sargodha


65 Positive Reviews

first of all check your daily intake of food which meals you are taking and then add accordingly you need a well balanced diet for weight gain like add carbs healthy fat but a proper amount of protein add dry fruits and nuts as well take one glass of milk daily and keep your body hydrated by sipping 12glass of water in a day for more guidelines book appointment at marham

Nutritionist in Rahim Yar Khan - Ms. Asma Imran

Ms. Asma Imran - Nutritionist

BS (Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics | Rahim Yar Khan


1 Positive Reviews

Ap apni portion size bhra dein jo bhi ap kahti han or meals time bhi agr 3 ly rahy thi to 5 kr dein sath smoothies lein banana dates ki

Nutritionist in Rawalpindi - Sabeela Khan

Sabeela Khan - Nutritionist

Doctor of Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences (DDNS) | Rawalpindi


4 Positive Reviews

There is no need to worry, relax and by following the correct balanced diet you will be able to gain weight and I can help you in that case. please do book your appointment via marham

Nutritionist in Rahim Yar Khan - Ms. Maryam Tahir

Ms. Maryam Tahir - Nutritionist

BS (Hons.) Food & Nutrition | Rahim Yar Khan


2 Positive Reviews

book your appointment for detailed consultation

Clinical Dietician in Islamabad - Ms. Kashaf Zulfiqar

Ms. Kashaf Zulfiqar - Clinical Dietician

BS (Hons) Food & Nutrition | Islamabad


4 Positive Reviews

I do help with such cases of gaining or losing weight for specific test. You can book appointment for customized diet plan

Nutritionist in Sargodha - Sunmbal Aziz

Sunmbal Aziz - Nutritionist

BSc (Food Science And Technology) | MSc (Food 7 Nutrition) | | Sargodha


65 Positive Reviews

add protein in your diet like daily 2 eggs if you are not suffering from high blood pressure or you have stomach problem add chicken and beef soup, Kabab or grilled form of their secondly take fruits and mil shakes and smoothies try oats in your breakfast stay hydrated and stay active these are general things for customised plan book appointment at marham

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