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Aoa. A year ago i had severe kind of stomach infection. And after that for.a month i took very little portions of diet.because of which i lost weight from 59 kg to abt 51 kg. Currently i am 51 kg. But since then i am not able to gain weight. I am also a patient of SLE since 2012 and am taking hcq and thyroxin bcoz i have thyroid prob too. Kindly guide me as to hownshould i gain weight. Actually o want to gain some weight like around 55 kg but in a healthy way by taking healthy diet. I dont take junk.


MSC (Food & Nutrition), MSPH, BSC | Karachi

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Please it would be more suitable if you book an online appointment with me and do a Skype session . I would like to take history and ask more questions about the treatment you are taking and then give a proper diet plan to follow so that you can achieve your target weight.


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You can add some heathy nuts in your diet.
Add cottage cheese in your diet.
Start eating healthy proteins and healthy fats.
At the end it is more important for you to visit personally and bring your
reports with you
So i could know about your diet history such as what you are eating and its
quantity. this will help me to guide you more properly.

Quratulain Aleem
Registered Dietitian
Child Care Associates, lahore


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Dear first of all you have to clear what type of Stomach infection you are
suffering ?Lossing weight is some time also due to Malabsoprtion of
Nutrients in your body ..so i wanna know your detailed health information
for this u have to Book an appoinment .


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you need customize eating plan .call at 042-32591427, i'll guide you accordingly


shahana naz

Aoa ma'am. I am a patient of lean pcos. Im 31 years old. My height is 5.4 but my weight is 48kgs only. Im really disturbed. On one hand im suffering from pcos. On the other hand im skinny and have sunken cheeks and all this has spoiled my confidence. I hv consulted different gynaecologists but all in vain. I wanna cure my pcos with the help of proper diet and at the same time i want to put on healthy weight with the help pf proper diet.
Can u plz guide me in this regard ?

7 months ago


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I need your complete history so call 042-32591427, for guidance


arif rasheed

My child is a boy 14 years old, I'm worried about his growth, he is shorter in height than his classmates. Mostly he remains hungry, he is not inclined towards traditional foods that we eat.


Amara Siddiq

I am 26 year old, suffering from allergy sinusitis asthma and weight gain.any sugesstions for weight loss??


Hira Sabir

i am 26 years old having 41 kg weight only...my height is 5'2 ...and i have applied for pakistan navy ssc caurse...i have to gain my weight as soon as possible...i want to consult any nutritionist ...please guide me about any clinic in karachi...


Hasnain Khan Lodhi

I am 29 years old and my height is 6’3” and my weight is 125+ ... i want to lose my weight ki dly help me out or give appointment 042-32591427, 042-32591427, my no. When i will be there to meet you.