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Female Psychatrist, Pakistan

Hi there, a friend of mine is going through massive emotional problems and is in dire need of counseling. She lives in Pakistan and her family is very strict and wouldn't let her do video counselling or counselling by call. Would there be a psychiatrist willing to counsel her through text messages, please? It is very urgent. JazakAllah khayrn

Psychiatrist in Lahore - Dr. Arooj Fatima

Dr. Arooj Fatima - Psychiatrist

MBBS, Consultant Psychiatrist MD, CPD (Child & Adolescent Mental Health), Certified Geriatric Psychiatrist (APPNA) | Lahore


518 Positive Reviews

she can tk appointment to assess what type of emotional problems she is suffering with

Psychiatrist in Lahore - Dr. Mehwish Mohsin

Dr. Mehwish Mohsin - Psychiatrist

MBBS, RMP, MCPS (R) (Psychiatrist) | Lahore


266 Positive Reviews

if she need consultation then take appointment and instead of calling doctor marham.will provide her with doctor num to take her session by messaging psychiatrist

Psychiatrist in Peshawar - Dr. Nasir Iqbal

Dr. Nasir Iqbal - Psychiatrist

| MBBS | FCPS-2 | Peshawar


1 Positive Reviews

Hope u will be fine.
Such type of case need a proper assessment Dear to be fair enough psychiatry or any patient handling is not a thing to be handled via text messages.

Psychiatrist in Sialkot - Dr. Mahrukh Ansar Khan

Dr. Mahrukh Ansar Khan - Psychiatrist

MBBS, FCPS (Psychiatry), ICAP-I | Sialkot


39 Positive Reviews

counselling is not done on texting. but her disease can be judged to some extent, or for prescribing medicine

Psychiatrist in Lahore - Dr. Aafia Malik

Dr. Aafia Malik - Psychiatrist

MBBS, FCPS (Psychiatrist) | Lahore


872 Positive Reviews

Counselling is task of psychologist. Not psychiatrist

Psychiatrist in Karachi - Dr. Abdullah Shaikh

Dr. Abdullah Shaikh - Psychiatrist

MBBS, MSC (London), DCAP (London) | Karachi


1013 Positive Reviews

I am a psychologist and psychiatrist please get my online appointment and I will treat her through text and she will recover soon

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