I m suffering from severe depression n because of that mental state I m loosing faith in my religion


Hasan Aman

Sorry to hear that you are suffering.

Do you have a diagnosis from a psychiatrist ?
Do you take any medications ?
When was last time you visited a psychiatrist ?

Inbox me if you want to discuss it privately.

Dr Hasan Aman


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I didn't take any medicine because of weight gain I m obese yes Dr diagnosed it

2 years ago

Dr. Yusra Hanif Khan - Psychiatrist

MBBS, FCPS | Multan

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Depression is not a sign of weakness, state of mind or a symbol of weak faith in God. Depression is a clinical disease in which the level of our brain chemicals which cause happiness and contentment go down and this leads to low mood, anxious and depressive thoughts, decreased energy levels, decreased focus and concentration, altered sleep and appetite , lack of interest in activities which you used to enjoy previously and in more severe cases, thoughts to harm one's self.
The good news is that it is manageable with robust therapy and taking medications.
Many people have myths about medications such as they will lead to dependence or cause weight gain or cause sleepiness. As a psychiatrist, let me assure you that main group of medications used in treating depression/anxiety causes none of these issues as such.
I will strongly recommend for you to visit a qualified psychiatrist in karachi (as you seem to be from nazimabad), and follow her/his advice.
if you need guidance in locating names for psychiatrists in karachi, you may email me at since I did my studies/training from karachi and can guide you in this matter.
but, do seek help -for what you have has a treatment :)


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I m.suffering from all the symptoms can u suggest any medicine

2 years ago


Call me on mobile phone number is 042-32591427,


You may visit Global Hospital for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
For appointment call
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