White Spots

My daughter has white spot on her left cheek from 3 to 4 years initially it starts to spread but now its about 1 year its not spreading any more

Dr. Shagufta Akmal

Its pitryasis versicolor.. Apply Travocort cream 2 times 4 2 weeks


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The other dr in this grp said k its vitiligo I visit s3 to 4 dermatologists sum of then said k its pitariasis alba and sm said k yeh vitiligo To aap btaain k kia vitiligo hny k chances b hain R agr yeh brs hai to kia brs ka ilaaj hai

10 months ago

Dr. Shahzad Rashid Awan

Well this is looking vitiligo but if possible you can come to clinic for
wood lamp examination.
Dr shahzad Rashid
Rahim Medical Center GT Road Peshawar


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Is vitiligo curable

10 months ago

Dr. Inayat Ali Khan

MBBS, MCPS ( Dermatology) | Lahore

Clinical presentation look like vitiligo. use these medications
0.05%Eczemous ointment apply 2 times daily
Advanton fatty ointment apply a night over spot.
Syp. Lederplex one tsf daily

Dr. Kiren Shaheryar

MBBS,FCPS,MCPS,AAAM Course | Islamabad

Its difficult to assess on picture. Clinical examination is manadatory.
It seems like p alba which is self healing minor problem in kids.
Vitiligo is ivory white/ chalk like. On pic, it looks hypopigmented rather thsn depigmented.
It can b p versicolor ( less chance) but complete examn required.
Either visit some qualified dermatologist OR apply simple moisturiser like physiogel lotion n observe. I wont recommrnd using strong medicines without actually visiting dr.


mahid chaudhary

give me the address in best vitiligo doctor

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