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Healthy Male, turning 29 in a couple of months. My weight does not increase beyond 45-48kg. I've always been underweight as a child. My height is 5'7".Perhaps a contributing factor to my issue is the fact that I've seen eating as a chore and have never had a perticularly healthy appetite. Where others my age can eat twice as much I simply get bored of eating and just eat a bare minimum. I don't exercise or do sports but I do enjoy cycling. Unfortunately I do feel I am more lethargic and less physically able than others my age. Although I am a relatively happy and content I do feel that this issue of being under weight has leads to a lack of confidence in some aspects of my life. At this point in life I feel I need the professional guidance of a qualified nutritionist, preferably male, as I would like to get this issue sorted. Any guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Low weight than the ideal may lead to some serious problems which can life threatening so you should take measures to gain weight. We can prepare a diet plan for you which will help you gain 4-6kg in one month. A diet plan is a document that suggests you food, its timing, quantity, preparation and exercises. A diet plan is prepared after detailed interview regarding eating habits, food likes and dislikes and daily physical activity so if you are interested in our diet plan, you can call our nutritionist on 03005883289, 03335993630 or 03465616222

Anonymous Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it. I'll be sure to call tomorrow iA

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People often don't realize that being underweight can be as frustrating as being overweight. The first thing to do is make sure that there is no underlying cause for your low weight. If all is normal, then you need to create an eating schedule, and learn how to add healthy high calories foods to your daily intake. Exercise regularly, and add in some resistance and weight training exercises to help build your muscle tone. If you are in Lahore, I would be happy to help you create a schedule and a diet plan. Call 03349176288 to schedule an appointment.

Anonymous It can indeed be very frustrating. I am afraid I am from Islamabad but i wish I had known of this forum earlier because I had been in Lahore for the past two years and would have definitely have contacted you had I known. Thanks for taking out the time to answer

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