Itching Under Stomach

Dear concerned Doctors since 4-5 days im feeling itching in the areas as shown in attached pictures, i feel itching in these specific area specifically in the night and when i wake up from the sleep , please prescribe me some medicine Will be very thankful

Dr. Farah Faizan

MBBS, PGD, MS, MCPS | Islamabad

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dear pt
i recommend u see a good skin specialist.

Dr. Aftab Alam

please use Scabene or liconil creame .. Apply this creame on whole body fro
24 hrs except face and the take bath afterwards

wash ur under garments etc

Dr. Nadia Inayat

Uae scabiderm lotion at night for 3 days.. apply it on whole body from neck to feet. And take tab. Loratadine 10 mg once for 5 days. And do tell me the result after 3 days


Post Owner

can u tell me are these fungus or some thing else?

9 months ago

Dr. Nadia Inayat

its itch mite . not fungal infextion

9 months ago

Dr. Syed Hammad Hassan Kazmi

Dear patient you are most probably having Scabies! For its treatment apply scabion lotion all ovr ur body except ur face for 3 nites and take bath on day! For particular itching during day apply provate G cream only on itching sites. Hope you get well soon :)

Prof. Dr. Javed Akram

MRCP (UK), FRCP (LONDON), FRCP (Edinburgh), FACC (USA), FACP (USA), FASIM (USA) | Lahore

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Aoa I think you should see a competent physician to diagnose and then treat


DrNaeem Chaudry

Better visit a skin specialist

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