Harmonal Disbalance

Laziness and half-consciousness .Concentration issues.confusion. Weakness.lesser appetite.Slumbered headedness.over- sleeping 12-15 hours.lack of interest in studies.Mood swings.forgetfulness. decreasing confidence.trembling hands and pale appearance.Constant dryness specially head.Skin infections

Sobia Ikram

Have you done proper check-up or test for this?


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Not actually mam...This is for the first i have considered this matter very seriousl...I was habitual of this state from last 3,4 years...but now it has turned severe.

1 year ago

Dr. Junaid Rasool

MBBS,FCPS training completed | Lahore

I suggest you to see a medical specialist first to rule out hormonal issues like thyroid or other medical conditions. If all your tests are normal and the medical specialist clears you then see a psychiatrist for opinion to rule out anxiety/ depression or other problems. Good luck


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Thank u so much sir

1 year ago

Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba


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I think you are suffering from Major Depressive Disorder but before you go
to a psychiatrist, you should get your Thyroid Function Test and Serum
Cortisol levels (8:00 AM) sharp from a good lab like Shaukat Khanam or Aga

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