Anal Fissure

have anal fissure from 3 years but after stool softners and treatment it was in control with on and off pain but from 2 weeks again in pain and its irritated before i was using diltiazem but now after it cause mor pain itching and irritated cant touch please suggest any good ointment and medicine bcoz of rain my appointment got canceled so cant go to dr


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Use GTN ointment and xylocaine 2%gel three times daily to be applied locally at the area


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used this aswell but it cause severe dizziness so drop it and having migraine aswell so.totaly confuse now wht to do

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Seems like u have got chronic anal fissure,
use already have used diltazem.
medicines alone are not gona help at this stage now.
Full evaluation and treatment is recommended, inj botulinum can be tried or surgery. so get assessed fully to discuss all options,


If its a chronic anal fissure diagnosed by a qualified doctor and you have used all these remedies but not curing than ultimate answer is surgery


Start using GTN 2% ointment thrice a day Tb flagyl 400mg 1+1+1 5 daysSyp duphalac 30 ml twice a dayTb cipval 50pmg 1+0+1 five days Tb brufen 400mg for pain After 7 days if no relieve consult surgeon 


Muhammad Qasim

Hi respected sir.
I have the problem or anal fissure from last three weeks.can't bear pain.used gtn and xylocaine gell and ointment.initially the condition was good but again it went worst.plz suggest


Sadia Khan

I m suffering from anal fissure since 4 years. I have consulted 2 surgeons and they recommended me a high fiber diet, an ointment, more water intake and to sit in a hot tub of water. After applying all, it got cured but on and off I feel pain in the skin tags. I asked my doctor to remove the tags as they get hard sometimes and get painful but she always refuse it.
What should I do?