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Dear gastroenterologists, HX: my father, 60, is on omeprazole for many years now. He has GERD, plus he is on Loprin (no active cardiac issue, was advised by cardiologist as a primary prevention since he had ischemia positive on routine ETT). Also, He had peptic ulcer around 12 years back. Question: I read this <a target="_blank" href="http://health-news.lif" rel="nofollow">http://health-news.lif</a>e/shocking-cover-up-omeprazole-the-gastric-protector-that-ends-your-life/ and I believe he is facing more than a couple of adverse effects mentioned here. (He had told me even before I had come across this article) My question: what is the safest alternative gastric protection he can use on long-term basis? Do other PPIs like Esomeprazole or Lansoperazole have similar adverse effects is it safe to switch onto one of them? Also, mention your thoughts on H2 antagonists. Thankyou in anticipation.


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Well, it's a valid this observational study ppi has shown increased risk of death compared with h2 blocker but several other studies have not shown any such association.importantly RCT which is more reliable like COGENT trial with high risk cardiac patients with ppi use ,didn't find any serious adverse bottom line is that this statement still not accomplished yet.
In clinical practice we prefer esomeprazole to omeprazole concerning its interaction with clopidogrel as well.
So esomeprazole is a safe option.

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